3D Printing


3D Printing has many uses within manufacturing. One of the key uses is in development of engineering prototypes. Precision engineering is the traditional method for prototype development and with the 60 years of expertise in this area 3D Printing can only compliment what we do. 

3D printing brings a new dimension to the prototype process. It is highly accurate and allows complex objects to be created.

With our precision engineering capability, we can produce prototypes combining 3D printing and precision engineering. Complex parts can be produced and re-produced quicker and at less cost than with precision engineering alone.


What is available for the consumer?

There is a huge catalogue of ready made designs available for 3D printing. We can also print products from a file or from a design that you may have.


3D printed keyring

Why would I want a 3D printed object?

3D printed objects enable you to have an object created just for you, something bespoke and not mass produced. Some ideas:

  • Engineering items
  • Special gifts
  • Wedding favours
  • Replicate a treasured object

The use of 3D printers is endless and with our specialised scanner objects can be reproduced keeping costs low.